Everyone knows the many virtues of garlic: it’s a great antibiotic, it’s a natural antioxidant, and reduces inflammation. Black garlic shares the same healing properties of raw garlic and takes them to the next level.

Voghiera Black garlic is rich in polyphenols and flavonoids, the best defense against free radicals! These antioxidant molecules help your cells fighting against oxidative stress and reduce inflammatory processes.

It’s a great source of calcium, phosphorus and protein. Black garlic can be used as a supplement to reduce fatigue, improve physical performance and attention.

It helps maintaining good cardiovascular health. Black garlic is rich in “S-Allyl Cysteine”(SAC), a sulphur compound that is easily absorbed by the body and reduces the levels of bad cholesterol.

Main differences between Voghiera raw garlic and black garlic
NeroFermento conducted nutrition analysis on black garlic in collaboration with Gate s.r.l. and the University of Ferrara, confirming the presence of compounds previously reported on scientific literature.

Voghiera raw White Garlic Voghiera Black Garlic Comparison
Total Flavonoids

Total Polyphenols

Antioxidany Potency

0.38mg RE/g

1.76MG GAE/G

3% inhibition*

1.43mg RE/g

22.98MG GAE/g

51% inhibition*

~4 fold more

13 fold more

17 fold more

Analysis was conducted on lyophilized samples. RE= Rutin Equivalent; GAE = Gallic Acid Equivalent. measured with DPHH antioxidant assay


It’s a powerful antioxidant (17 fold more compared to raw white garlic). During fermentation, the alliin present in fresh garlic is transformed in a stable compound that has greater antioxidant potency.

It has anti-proliferative activity on tumor cells. Black garlic was able to trigger cytotoxic pathways on transformed cells in vitro reducing the total tumor mass.

It has anti-obesity activity. The daily intake of black garlic was associated to reduction of body weight, abdominal fat and bad cholesterol in rats and mice.

It’s hepatoprotective. It favors good liver health and reduces transaminase levels and hepatotoxic compounds in rats and mice.

It has immunomodulatory and antinflammatory activity. Black garlic inhibits the synthesis of pro-inflammatory molecules such as cyclooxygenases and prostaglandins.

It has antiallergic properties.

It helps managing dyslipidemia. It improves lipid profile by increasing levels of high-density lipoprotein (HDL, “good cholesterol”)

Improves memory and brain functions.